Findus and Max


Findus and Max are both from a Port Elizabeth shelter. They are not siblings. Max was discovered in an empty apartment. The owners have moved. We do not know the story of Findus. In contrast to Max, Findus was still a baby ... 
It is our two guest cats who are always in the houses with the guests ...

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Actually, Marie and the kids just wanted to hand over blankets to the shelter. 
And who was "dragged along"?
Ella. This is the cat that Samuel chose ...



The story of Luigi:
Marie was with friends in Cape Town over 5 years ago. On the way home, at 6:00 a.m., Luigi tried to cross the street. Marie then carried the cat across the street. But the cat kept wanting to cross the street. Clear. You would have paid for the crossing with your life. So Marie quickly packed the cat.
It has to be said that Luigi is really unlucky. 
He had already broken his leg. And had a bowel obstruction. That wasn't cheap. But this way we were able to save his life 3 times.

There is, of course, a reason why we have 4 cats - these reduce the number of mice and thus deprive snakes of food.