We're going into overtime!

Our popular SOS Rescue offer is being extended!

Until June 30th, 2021!

It's a really good deal.
And I would really do it!

We need your support !!
And have launched an SOS Rescue Package.

We were all caught freezing by the Covid 19 virus.
Here in South Africa in particular, the economic effects cannot be foreseen. The borders have been closed since March 26th, 2020 and tourism has come to a complete standstill. Millions of people have become unemployed.

It is assumed that less than 20% of the B & B`s, guest houses and lodges will survive by October 2020.
We definitely don't want to belong to the 80% !!

We have already completely written off the year 2020.
And we can be happy when the first tourists return to South Africa in early 2021.
What makes me sad personally that the Covid 19 virus has done a lot and we almost have to start again from scratch ...

For this reason we have designed this SOS package and hope that it will be booked.
This is the only way we have the opportunity to fight and survive our lives here.
We have been living in South Africa for over 5 years, and nowhere else do we want to live. Our 3 children love South Africa and farm life. Exactly my wife and me too!

It would be incredibly great if you could and would book this package.

Thank you for your support.

Marie, Emily, Samuel, Aaron and Olaf

You can download the entire program as a PDF:

And that's for € 1,765.00 p. P. all included:

1 day
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