We support the local economy! And buy fresh on site


Coffee & Fudge

Our friends Joey & Garth run the "Coffee & Fudge" café at the gas station.

Here you can buy groceries, jams, bread, magazines and much more.  


"Sandpalm" supermarket

Get the freshest fruits and vegetables in Paterson! However, only when the corresponding products are in season - namely then the things are cheap and are also bought by the population. There are also all common foods and drinks. The operator Usman is from Bangladesh and is very helpful.


De Pekelaar Boerenkaas

The cheese dairy "De Pekelaar Borenkaas" is just 4 km from us as the crow flies - by land it is a few kilometers more ... In South Africa there are mainly Gouda and Cheddar! And the Borenkaas is a great change! Simply delicious! The cheese comes in different flavors: garlic, caraway, garlic, paprika, black pepper and "natural". But my personal favorite is with mustard seeds! Of course you can also visit the cheese dairy!