The story of Merlin

which are illegal in South Africa. In these races money is wagered on the mostly untrained horses. They have to compete against each other on long, hard and stony dirt roads until they are completely exhausted. At full gallop, without a saddle or bridle and without considering losses. And again and again.  The heirs wanted to spare the loyal horses this lot and asked the ECHCU for help in selling the horses.

So Marie drove to this farm with our trailer and Samuel in tow to pick up the "white wild pony". I couldn't believe my eyes on arrival.
What was hiding so shyly in the corner behind the other horses wasn't a white pony, it was a CREMELLO. Cremello's are extremely rare.
Source Wikipedia:
"The cream gene (Cr) is a gene that causes a lightening of the horse's coat and is therefore listed as a dilute gene.
The lightening of the coat depends on whether only one or two Cream genes are inherited. It also depends on the original color (chestnut, bay or black) and is different from horse to horse. Horses lightened by a double cream gene appear almost white with pink skin. However, they are not absolutely white, but their white has a slightly golden sheen in the white isabell (Cremello). The eyes are blue. If the eyes are so much lightened by a form of albinism (here OCA4, MATP gene), it can be assumed that the affected animals can see much more poorly than their normal-colored conspecifics and are more dazzled by bright sunlight. This handicap seems to be so limited that people do not recognize it from the horse's behavior.

Our Merlin needs a special mask for the head in summer to protect the sensitive pink skin around the nostrils and eyes from sunburn.
It is uncomfortable for him to look into direct sunlight.
He does not have any visual disturbances as a result.
It turned out that he is extremely brave and calm.
This is a definite indiez that he can see quite normally.
When Marie met him, he was extremely frightened of people.
It often took up to 5 people to catch it.
A long, patient and nerve-wracking therapy began.
Marie went to the pasture every day for a few months and worked with Merlin using the join up method.

Until he followed without a rope.
Then the work began under the saddle (Merlin is not quite 1.50 m high and therefore still a pony. A so-called "final dimension pony".
The former Bush Race pony became a relaxed, reliable and courageous pony over time. He really likes to gallop, but is still a very hard-working and above all good child pony.
He lets himself be guided, cleaned and his hooves scratched out even by the smallest of our guests.
When we go on pony hikes, Merlin is always with us to calm the other horses. His place is in the front. He sees everything and classifies it as harmless to the horses and ponies that follow him.

This calm carries over to the others and so it is a relaxed ride.
Even a rider sitting on his back with a waving flag in his hand cannot upset him.
So he proudly galloped into the dressage arena with our TEAM WAGGIE flag for the award ceremony.
Merlin is now 11 years old and is still in excellent health. His best friend is our dwarf New Year's Eve. Often you can see the two eating together far away from the rest of the herd.
Both outsiders like to keep each other company.

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The story of Snoopy

With his inexperienced, naive and faithful-stupid manner, we knew immediately who he reminded us of and the name Snoopy was quickly found.
Snoopy goes along with EVERYTHING, is happy when he is just being toddled and allowed to come along - he loves long step rides with inexperienced riders as much as a long, fast gallop on the beach.
He only gets a little nervous when he has lost sight of the rest of the horses with his leisurely pace.

Otherwise he is very reliable and fearless.

He is our ONE IN A MILLION super horse!
In her long career as a horse trainer and riding instructor, Marie has not met a single horse as relaxed and reliable as Snoopy!
Marie showed us our farm on the back of Snoopy well over a hundred riders who cannot ride at all.
And for every single rider it was an unforgettable Africa experience
Snoopy is now around 13 years old.

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The story of Dr. Dolittle

The brightly colored, beautifully piebald, not too big "western horses" had done it to him. So Marie thought that such horses could also be found in South Africa. After a tireless search to find the "right" horse for Olaf, she found it. It should be "Dooley".

At that time he was already "working" for a tourism company that offered beach rides for its customers. So it was used to untrained riders and was the right color, the right size and the right age.
So iMarie drove off heavily pregnant after a short deliberation to look at the new horse. The sellers weren't thrilled when I said that
  would not buy a horse without a trial ride
(Marie could clearly see her pregnancy in the 7th month).

Dooley was a good-natured, kind, and obedient "tourist horse".
Easy to handle in everything and so it wasn't a problem for Marie either,
to take a test ride.
The reason it should be sold: Occasionally, it refused to move on. He just stood there and just didn't want to follow the other horses. Like a stubborn donkey ..
Marie said it couldn't be that bad and took Dooley to the farm.

As it turned out later, he had developed an absolute phobia against pulling the reins on his bit. That had to do with the numerous inexperienced riders. He simply no longer tolerated pulling rider hands holding onto his teeth. And so Marie decided to only ride him bitless from now on.  

No sooner had Marie started training than it turned out that he is an excellent show jumping horse and that he has a talent for dressage "even without a bit".

He actually got one of the highest marks in dressage of almost 70%.
With its agility, speed and courage, it is also ideally suited for herding cattle.
Many of our more experienced riding holidaymakers have already enjoyed the beautiful, long and deserted beaches of South Africa on it.


He likes to go ahead and is always in a hurry.

Therefore, it is not so suitable for insecure novice riders.
But if you bring a portion of self-confidence and a lot of riding experience, you will fall in love with our little "competitive athlete" at first sight. He is very attentive and very obedient to the aids and loves long gallops, just like our guests.


It got its name from me for the simple reason: Unfortunately, Olaf has never ridden "his" horse and so most of the time he just stands around bored in the pasture - DO A LITTLE - does very little - Marie found it very appropriate. 
As soon as unlimited travel is possible again, we hope to be able to welcome numerous volunteers to our farm again.
Perhaps there will be one or the other "riding girl" that Dr. Dolittle takes in her heart and gives him some variety.

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