Hautauschlag bei Woody
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Woody's story:

Woody in Addo Township was confiscated from the owner by the Horse Care Unit organization in Port Elizabeth.

His best friend, brother or father has been a donkey. With the adoption of Woody we were asked to adopt this donkey as well, as the horse and the donkey were simply inseparable.

And can you really say "no"? Hardly likely!

And so we came to Woody and Mr. Jack.  That was in 2015

Woody has developed into a beautiful "pony gelding" who shows a lot of talent at the jump and is extremely careful and good when dealing with children.
When riding out with our guest children, nothing can disturb him and he is absolutely good at cleaning and saddling.

And this is what Woody looks like today:

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Merlin (or registered as Magic Merlin).
In 2016 Marie was looking for horses and ponies for riding safaris. One evening the ECHCU (Estern Cape Horse Care Unit) called me and asked if they would be interested in a "white pony". But it would be very wild and definitely NOT a children's pony! was the statement. The owner of a huge sheep farm had died and the community of heirs did not want the horses. They had learned that the horses had been ridden by the former employees of the farm since the death of the owner and were used for the so-called BUSH RACES, read on ...


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When Marie set off with the horse trailer together with Samuel in 2016 to pick up Merlin, Samuel (then 9 years old) was surprised.
Marie was very excited to have found such a beautiful and rare pony.
Aaron kept tugging at your sleeve, desperately wanting to see her alone.
He didn't want to buy the white pony, but rather an inconspicuous black gelding that he had been looking at for a while.

Now it has to be mentioned that another 15 horses ran excitedly back and forth. Half of them are also black. 
When asked why this horse of all people, the only answer was that he didn't know either, but he really wanted this horse.

After a short back and forth there were two horses in the trailer.
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Dr. Dolittle

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In February 2015 a friend was wanted for Eminent (the horse from Germany). Because under no circumstances should he have to live alone on the farm.

The original plan was that Olaf would also start riding so that they could count the cattle on the farm together.

Because anyone who lives on a farm in South Africa should also own a horse and be able to ride it. 
Marie was already looking for a horse in Germany that would suit Olaf.

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