Pony riding & riding lessons

Marie is a trained horse manager and rider.

She is happy to offer pony rides and riding lessons for the children.

For the unit, approx. 1 hour, we charge R 250.00.

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Off-road course / riding

On our site that is mostly very hilly and over
has a natural old river course in the middle, are specially designed
and lovingly designed natural obstacles of all heights and levels of difficulty to be found.
We are happy to provide a suitable horse for experienced riders

or pony with the appropriate ability available.
On request, we can also offer individual lessons

given with the respective horse or pony.

We charge R 300.00 for the hour

Fancy a ride on the beach?

For the beach ride including transport, riding on the dunes of Colchester,

as well as snacks and drinks we charge R 1400.00 per person

Horseback Safari

Are you not afraid of horses? The most comfortable way to explore the nature and wildlife of South Africa is on horseback. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional rider - we have the right horse or pony for everyone. Grooming, bridles and saddling are of course part of our work in order to get to know the horse or pony first. If necessary, you can get a few lessons on the lunge and in the fenced riding arena from a trained riding instructor beforehand. We charge R 300.00 for the hour

Hiking and walks with donkeys

When and for how long you decide. There are excellent hiking trails that have been laid out over our entire property and a map that describes the length and what is “to be discovered”.

"Adventure nature" even for the very little ones

Scavenger hunts, treasure hunts and child-friendly “game walks” children have a very special feel for the small and large “wonders of nature”.
We invite you to discover nature with us!

Plant tours

Go on a discovery tour with us. We have a multitude of beautiful and often very unusual flowers, bushes and trees in bloom all year round. Some of them have been used as medicine by the indigenous people of South Africa for centuries and their ingredients can still be found in many medicines bought from us to this day. Some can be eaten or processed into tasty jam, others are just "only" suitable for a wonderfully fragrant bouquet of flowers.

From the garden to your plate

Whenever possible, the food we prepare comes fresh from our large vegetable patch. Regardless of whether courgettes, tomatoes, lettuce or runner beans - in South Africa you can harvest something all year round!

Our farm animals provide home-made goat cheese and fresh eggs, as well as home-made butter and fresh milk. Poultry, beef and pork also come mainly from our naturally nourished, species-appropriate and stress-free slaughtered animals.

Bird safari / bird watching

A large number of unusual and beautiful birds can be observed in our specially designed feeding areas and nesting areas. We also offer guided photography courses. But you are also welcome to take a leisurely stroll through our property "on your own" and watch birds. The early morning hours are best for this!

What do we eat and where does it come from?

How long does it take for a carrot to get so big and orange? How does a pineapple grow? Does a papaya grow on a tree? What are Cape gooseberries? How many calves does a cow have to have to give milk? Does a chicken lay an egg every day? Your children can find out all this and more with us. We invite you to experience a day as a “farmer” with us.

Children's program: handicrafts and works with natural materials

Collecting seashells on the beach; Make beautiful chains and wind chimes out of them or build houses and residents out of stones and wood. Dyeing and processing potato printing or wool from our sheep. Collect and tinker Indian jewelry made from the feathers of our birds or necklaces and bracelets made from particularly beautiful seeds. Building drums and rattles or weaving beautiful murals from natural materials - whatever the weather, we can always think of something to inspire your children for an afternoon.

Bush picnic

Upon request, we will be happy to pack a picnic basket with hot and / or cold snacks and drinks for you. Whether for hiking, a tour on a mountain bike or a donkey day hike in nature makes you hungry. We will put together a small, wholesome meal for you, big and small.

Ride a mountain bike

You can rent mountain bikes of all sizes from us for a fee.
No matter whether you are planning a day trip with the whole family or want to really accelerate on our mountain bike route. Finds for cycling enthusiasts

We are sure to find the right bike for you!