Township tours

Township tour! Yes or no?

For me personally, a very clear YES!
At first people are skeptical: should I really go "there"?

Isn't it like staring at animals in the zoo?
I go to a poor district as "richer" ... etc ...

If I convince our guests to take this tour,

then it is described as "the most impressive experience" ...

Personal contact is extremely important to me! And so the tour is organized by our dear Fundiswa. Fundiswa has lived in Paterson Township for 16 years and now knows her way around! Unfortunately it is only possible to visit the township with Fundiswa at the weekend, as she works in Port Elizabeth during the week.

The process is as follows:

9.45 am departure from the Pure Nature Familodge

Arrive in the township and meet with Fundiswa.

Then you walk to one of the many churches.

The worship service is quite different from the worship service as we know it ...
But the absolute hammer are the beautiful voices. I keep getting goosebumps here!

After the service we go to a local pub (if it's not too loud),

Then buy a few sweets for the kids in a shop (you are welcome to bring pens, toys, painting materials, etc.).

Then you walk back to Fundiswa's house

Im Townsip
Vor der Taverne
Im Township